Benefits of Certification

Benefits of Certification
  • A neonatal therapy certification was created to validate and standardize the necessary experience, education and knowledge to work in the NICU setting.
  • The standards set for certification were established to ensure a minimum standard for independent practice as a neonatal therapist who is responsible for evaluating, treating, and reassessing infants and families in the NICU.
  • This certification will elevate our profession to an even platform, which will be easily recognized by hospitals, therapists and other medical professionals.
  • Infants and families deserve to have therapists who have demonstrated competency and commitment to advancing the practice of neonatal therapy by demonstrating and maintaining minimum competency.
  • AOTA, APTA, and AHSA all recognize neonatal therapy to be an advanced practice area.
  • The NTCB has established criteria for certification that are in line with each professional organization’s recommendations.
  • The certification requirements are intended to define the minimum reasonable knowledge and experience in order to provide safe and competent care to high risk infants in the NICU.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics published perinatal guidelines, which recommend at least one occupational therapist or physical therapist with neonatal expertise, in addition to a professional with neonatal feeding expertise, in Level III and IV NICUs. Certification is a valid method to ensure those working in the NICU have ‘neonatal expertise’.