Neonatal Therapy Certification™ Application Instructions

This instruction sheet was created to guide applicants through the simple steps of the application process. You may also download a copy, NTCB Application Instructions.

1. Download the NTCB Applicant Checklist. Review each requirement for certification and determine if you are eligible for certification.

2. Gather all the required professional documentation that needs to be uploaded to complete the application process including:

      a. Proof of current professional license/registration or credentialing
      b. A photo of you
      c. CV/resume
      Please include any additional certifications that you hold on your CV.

3. Scan each document separately and save in pdf, jpeg or word file format.

4. Check your computer’s system requirements. The application portal is best viewed in the latest versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox. It is possible that older browser versions could experience performance issues, but generally you can complete the application from any computer with access to an internet browser.

5. Set aside time to complete your certification application. The estimated time of completion is less than one hour, if required documents have been prepared prior to starting the online application.

6. It is not necessary to complete the application in one sitting, and you may return as many times as needed to complete the application in its entirety. However, the application must be submitted by May 15th or November 15th to be reviewed in that cycle.

To begin the application process click HERE. Complete the first page of your application by entering your biographical information and creating your log-in to the portal. Once submitted, you will receive an email from the NTCB with a link to access your personal applicant portal with instructions on how to log in. Keep this information in a safe and secure place for future reference. We highly recommend using the same log in details for Prolydian, the 3rd party who collects application materials.

7. Use the secure username and password you created each time you log into the applicant portal, which is HERE. Follow the instructions in the portal to complete all necessary steps of the application. Once you have uploaded and submitted all required data, you will submit your application and pay the $250 application fee.

8. Upon payment, you will receive an email containing a receipt of your application fee payment. Upon completion of all steps of your application, your application will be reviewed by the NTCB. The review period can be up to 90 days from each application deadline. During this time, the NTCB will contact you if application information is incomplete. Incomplete applications will require extra time for processing and may delay eligibility determination for the examination.

9. After your application is reviewed, the NTCB will notify you via email of your eligibility status. If you have satisfied all of the requirements for certification, you will be provided with information including a link to pay your examination fee and an applicant identification number. Please keep your applicant ID number secure with your username and password for future reference.

10. Once the examination fee has been paid, you will receive an email from the third-party testing center (Pearson VUE) regarding instructions to schedule your examination administration date, time, and location. You may schedule the administration of the certification examination at a testing site that is convenient to you. You will have 6 months from the notification of eligibility to pay for and take the examination.

11. Once you have met all the requirements for certification, which includes passing the certification exam, you will have access to your CNT™ certificate (which can be downloaded) and your examination score report in the applicant portal.

12. The NTCB upholds an honor system for all applicants, but random application audits occur continuously to verify that the information provided is accurate and truthful.

13. Here is a list of information you will need in order to complete the application:

Professional Credentialing

Requirement: The applicant must be an occupational therapist, physical therapist or speech-language pathologist who has held a professional credential in one of these disciplines for a minimum of three years. This credential must be current.

Items/information needed:

  • Name (include any other names under which applicant has practiced).
  • Photo (to be uploaded, must be full face view taken within the last year and no more than 5 megabytes).
  • Discipline.
  • Current license or registration number including expiration date.
  • The name of the credentialing body.
  • Email address or phone number of the credentialing body for verification.

If you practice in a country that does not issue professional licensure or registration, you must provide information about what is required to practice in that location and evidence of being in compliance with that requirement.

  • Country and state of current licensure or professional registration.
  • Date of original license/registration.
  • Upload a copy of a current license, credential, or registration in jpg, gif, png, pdf or jpeg format.
  • Contact information for the credentialing body in your country*

*Please be advised you may be asked to assist in communication with your credentialing body during the review process. Verification from the source of credentialing is required.

Documentation of NICU Clinical Experience

Requirement: A minimum of 3500 hours of direct clinical practice hours as an OT, PT or SLP in the NICU setting must be accrued prior to applying for certification.

*Up to 1000 hours can come from service to infants< 3 months in other areas of the hospital or follow-up clinics.

Items/information needed:

  • Month/year entered NICU practice
  • Name and address of hospital, level of NICU, start date at hospital, start date in NICU, average NICU hours per week, supervisor name and contact information. If you have accrued your direct practice in the NICU in more than one location, you will need this information for the most recent experiences which total 3500 hours.
  • Current resume or CV in jpg, gif, png, pdf or jpeg format that clearly indicates experience in the NICU.

Documentation of Professional Education

Requirement: 40 hours of professional education that is related to NICU practice; must be completed within the three years prior to applying for certification. Education must be completed within the three years to the date of submitting your application. For example, if you apply on May 1st, 2020, all your courses must have been completed after May 1st, 2017.

Items/information needed:

  • Name of course, presenter, location, date each course taken to equal 40 hours of professional education.
  • Number of hours related to NICU practice.
  • Course content related to NICU (short description).

*If you are selected for audit by the NTCB, you will be required to provide certificates or receipts of attendance for the 40 hours of professional education you specify in the application.


Requirement: Acknowledgment of a minimum of 40 hours of mentoring by an experienced NICU provider who has assisted the applicant in developing specific skills and knowledge for practice in neonatal therapy.

  • Sign attestation statement which is part of the online application.

If you have any questions or experience technical difficulties during your application process, please email us at