Neonatal Therapy Certification®

  • Requirements for neonatal therapy certification include a minimum of 3 years as a credentialed professional (physical therapist, occupational therapist, or speech-language pathologist), 3500 hours of experience in the NICU*, 40 hours of education about NICU-specific content within the last 3 years, 40 hours of mentored experiences, and a passing score on the Neonatal Therapy Certification Examination.

*Up to 1000 hours (of the 3500 hours) can come from service to infants< 3 months corrected age in other areas of the hospital or follow-up clinics.

  • Applicants who fulfill all of the requirements of Neonatal Therapy Certification® will earn the credentials of Certified Neonatal Therapist: CNTTM.
  • Certification is valid for 5 years from the date of certification.

Neonatal Therapy Certification Application Process

  • Download the NTCB Applicant Checklist and the application instructions before you get started.
  • Each applicant will have access to an individual portal after establishing a username and password and paying the application fee. This portal will allow applicants to create a professional portfolio where all required documentation for certification will be submitted to the certification board.
  • Technical problems can be addressed by emailing

Neonatal Therapy Certification Examination

  • Applicants who have submitted their completed certification application will be notified within 90 days of the application deadline.
  • The certification examination is computer-based and administered by a third party professional testing center. Testing centers are located throughout the United States and abroad. Please click here for a list of locations in your area.
  • To meet the final requirement for certification, applicants must receive a passing score during administration of the Neonatal Therapy Certification Examination.
  • The exam is 90 – 100 questions and takes 2 hours to complete. Refer to the NTCB Certification Examination Manual for more details.

The NTCB abides by the US Treasury Department embargoes and sanctions in accepting applications from outside of the United States.