Neonatal Therapy Certification® Applicant Portal

To begin the application process for certification, you need to create a log-in for the applicant portal below.

The next application deadline is May 15th.
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Fees associated with becoming a Certified Neonatal Therapist include a $250 application fee and a $400 examination fee. The $250 application fee will be due at the end of the application process in order to submit your data to the NTCB for review.  You have until May 15th to complete your application documentation and pay the application fee. For those who do not complete the process prior to this deadline, data will be purged. Upon notification of your eligibility for certification, you will have 6 months to pay the examination fee of $400 and take your exam.

If you are applying with another therapist, you will both receive $50 off of the exam fee.
You must complete the application purchase within 4 days of each other in order to qualify for the discount.
This incentive may not be combined with any other incentive or coupon.

Once all required information has been entered into each section of the portal, you will submit your completed applicant portfolio to the NTCB for review.

If you have challenges with technology on the NTCB site, please email info@ntncb. If you have challenges with technology within the Certemy application system, please call 866-907-4088 or email at We attempt to address any problems within one to two business days.