FAQs – Recertification

1. What are the crendentials and how long do they last?

  • Those who fulfill the requirements of neonatal therapy certification will earn the credentials of Certified Neonatal Therapist: CNT.
  • Certification is valid for 5 years.

2. What does the recertification process entail?

  • CNTs must apply for recertification prior to expiration of CNT designation. CNTs seeking recertification must demonstrate professional credentialing, have accrued 2000 NICU-related practice hours, and obtained 60 hours of NICU-related professional education within the 5-year period of certification. A recertification fee, currently $350, must also be submitted. Examination is not required for recertification for those who submit 2000 NICU-related practice hours and 60 hours of professional education related to NICU clinical practice.
    Retaking the certification exam is an option for those who do not submit 2000 NICU-related practice hours and 60 hours of professional NICU-related education.
    Click here to read more about recertification.

3. How do I track professional activities for recertification?

  • All CNTs are given access to a portal, in which they can track education, practice and other professional activities for recertification.

4. I am not yet due for recertification. Should I set up an account with Prolydian?

  • Please set up an account with Prolydian at your earliest convenience to support your process toward recertification.

5. What are the due dates for recertification? How much time will I have to apply?

  • Recertification application cycles are bi-annual, January 1st-March 31st and July 1st-September 30th , depending on when your certification expires. 

If your certification expires January-June, you will need to apply for recertification between January 1st and March 31st of that year. If your certification expires July-December, you will need to apply for recertification between July 1st and September 30th of that year. 

Expiration dates will be moved to bi-annual dates of June 30th or December 31st.

6. What if my certification is expiring before I hear back about my recertification application?

  • Your certification will remain valid until you hear back from the NTCB provided you applied during the corresponding application period.

7. What if I am doing more leadership and not direct patient care in the NICU? How does that affect my recertification?

  • There are two pathways for recertification, clinical hours and education or retaking the exam. The clinical hours and education option includes NICU-related hours. Please see Recertification Requirements for more information.


8. When will I hear from NTCB about recertifying?

  • The NTCB will notify you within 90 days of your application.

9. What if my contact information has changed since I originally certified? How can I ensure I get notices from NTCB?

  • You can update your contact information by logging into your NTCB profile.

10. I am no longer working in the NICU but am a CNT up for recertification. Should I apply for CNT-retired status or maintain my CNT?

  • If you are planning to return to NICU or NICU-related practice at any point in the future, you should maintain your CNT. Retired status is only for those who are retiring and do not anticipate returning to NICU or NICU-related practice at any point in the future.

11. How do I go about retiring as a CNT?

12. Do I need to change my CNT status to retired before my certification expires?

  • Yes, you are only eligible to apply for CNT-Retired if your status is current.