Neonatal therapy certification is a specialty certification that demonstrates that an occupational therapist, physical therapist, or speech-language pathologist has met the minimum standard of education, experience and knowledge in the neonatal intensive care setting.

Certification by the NTCB does not in itself confer authority to practice therapy beyond the authority granted by a state or country that issues credentialing/permissions to practice.

The Certified Neonatal Therapist (CNTTM) designation must not be interpreted to mean that the NTCB supersedes any state or country with regard to licensing/credentialing requirements or permission to treat patients. Therapists who have successfully become certified by the NTCB must be aware of any and all stipulations within their practice and must not practice outside their legal limits. The NTCB will not be held accountable for the provision of unsafe and/or unprofessional practice. It is the sole responsibility of the therapist and his/her licensing board, credentialing body and/or employer to provide oversight for breaches in practice. The CNT designation relies on maintaining licensure/credentialing or permission to practice as a therapist, and loss of such results in loss of the CNT designation. It is the responsibility of the applicant to notify the NTCB when loss of licensure/credentialing or permission to practice occurs.