Feedback from CNTs on completing the examination process

Certified neonatal therapists who have successfully completed the examination process have provided feedback on their experience of preparing for and undertaking the examination, which you may find useful.

Remember that the examination is designed to ascertain core  knowledge required for safe, efficacious, evidence-based, and independent practice. The examination is not designed to test knowledge of infrequent or rare clinical presentations in the NICU. The examination also does not contain questions with content that does not have supporting evidence. You should have a comfortable level of knowledge across the core domains, built from your years/hours of experience in the NICU, personal reading/study and the NICU specific education and mentoring processes you have undertaken to date.

 Previous applicants have found the reference list in the following section helpful, although it can feel like a large amount of reading to review. In planning their study approach, CNTs noted that it was important to understand the main knowledge constructs discussed in the papers, but not necessarily to focus on specific study details.

 CNTs recognized that depending on their domain of practice and the different team members working within their NICU setting, they may have more practice experience in some core domains than others. This appears to particularly apply to areas such as feeding and neurodevelopmental assessment. The examination is designed to assess your understanding of core knowledge in these domains, so you will be familiar with many of them, even it if doesn’t constitute part of your daily neonatal therapy practice on a regular basis. CNTs suggested that it is helpful to approach the review of the reference list by ensuring greater focus on those areas where they had less clinical experience, and therefore may be less familiar with some of the evidence supporting neonatal therapy practice in those domains. The applicant can do the self-assessment to better isolate core areas to focus their study on.