Self-Assessment of Domain-Specific Content

Rate your current knowledge and experience of neonatal therapy topics below using the following scale.

Rating Scale:

0 = No knowledge or skills – Unfamiliar with concept or practice of the skill
1 = General knowledge through observation and academic learning – Familiar with general knowledge related to the skill through academic learning and observation but have not had an opportunity to apply this in the NICU
2 = General clinical skills with mentorship – Familiar with general clinical application of the skill and occasionally applied this with mentorship in the NICU
3 = Neonatal therapy practice competence – Implemented the skill in the NICU setting and can begin to guide others in this practice

Areas that are assessed as a 0 or 1 may require additional education; those scored a 2 may require review; and those scored a 3 indicate good knowledge in that particular area.  Refer to the reference guide for study materials related to domain-specific content that were scored 0, 1, or 2 for additional readings.